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      Crime is on the rise, risks are getting higher.  We can provide full protection with trained highly qualified personnel in all aspects.  With over 25 years in experience and one of the fastest growing security agencies in Ontario, Universal Protection Agency is leading the pack in security services and training.

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      December 29, 2015
      Brand New Website!

      Hello, everyone! We have just returned with a brand new website. We hope that this new site will help aid you in reaching us easier and will allow us to expand our expertise into providing security courses to those in Ontario. We look forward to hearing more from our clients and hope to make many more new ones! Happy Holidays from Universal Protection Agency!

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      Find your career in private investigation, personal protection, loss prevention, security guard, CCTV surveillance, event security, missing persons, risk assessment, and more!

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      Are you looking to get your Security or Private Investigator's license? With over 25 years in the business, Universal Protection Agency is a name you can trust. Our courses are professional grade, thorough, and we can even help you find work. We provide all of the necessary resources to get certified in Ontario.

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      We work with many different businesses to provide security services and loss prevention.  Find out why we're the fastest growing security agency in Ontario.